Environmental Policy


Hospitality Design are committed to working with customers to select alternatives that will reduce the environmental footprint from the design, installation and supply of a commercial kitchen.

Our customers can share in this role and help Hospitality Design by making environmentally friendly choices when selecting a kitchen fitout.

How can you help?

Ask Hospitality Design to source eco friendly products for your kitchen.

Hospitality Design will look at the available equipment that will provide the best environmental outcomes.

This includes equipment that has the following :


Low carbon footprint


The most fuel efficient appliances

  • Low  water usage
  • Low chemical usage

Low waste


Hospitality Design will source products what use less waste in packaging

  • Easily recyclable packing materials
  • Site waste removal and separation

Whilst Hospitality Design work towards these goals in our selection of equipment and our processes, specific comparison services are available at an additional cost.

If you are interested in joining Hospitality Design in making a difference to our future, please let our team know at any stage of your project and we can provide a quote accordingly.