For many years, Hospitality Design has endorsed the benefits of modular kitchens and equipment.

The growing demand for readily available equipment and easy, rapid set up of new food businesses proves there is a growing acceptance of modular ideas.

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Worldwide there has also been a shift toward modular solutions, revolutionising the fit out of commercial kitchens.

The increased availability and variety of modular equipment allows Hospitality Design to provide cost effective solutions to an increasing market of savvy business operators because the benefits can really support your business and reduce costs.


Fast delivery


Modular benching is usually available ex stock, reducing the lead time is reduced. Custom made benching however, can take 6 weeks or more to fabricate and many factors can adversely affect production lead times.

Standard module products are flat packed and well protected to minimize transport cost and damage.

Detailed fabrication drawings are not required since module products are prefabricated.

Modular kitchen kits are ideal for remote locations (such as mining camps and field kitchens) as they transport well and don’t require specialised installation.




Modular products are supplied in standard dimensions so that it is not always necessary to take detailed site measurements.

Less chance for error during installation as the fabrication size is preset.




Modular kitchens allow for a great deal of flexibility. As the business grows and develops, the kitchen is easily adjusted to suit. Modular benches can be relocated to best suit production.


Low set up cost


Installation costs are dramatically reduced as specialist welders are not always required.

Delivery costs are dramatically reduced as all items are flat packed.

Manufacturing costs are greatly reduced as modular benching is mass produced.

Modular kitchens are easily leased as they are not fixed in place (generally).

Fabrication drawings are not required since the products are standardized


Easy Resale


Modular benches retain a higher resale value rather than being sold as mere scrap metal.

Standard sizes will fit most kitchens and suit most spaces.


There is less risk of injury as modular benches are packed to a reasonable handling size.

Most benches are easily moved to assist in cleaning those hard to reach areas.

Equipment Storage is more convenient, as many modular items are of uniform shape and size.